Reflection 1: A Brief History of CALL

  1. Reflect on your experience  in the BENL courses that you’ve  taken
  2. Think of  the assignments which required you to apply the computer  to assist in their completion
  3. Describe the assignments
  4. Relate the  applications to the 3 stages of CALL (Behaviourist, Communicative or Integrative) & name the key concepts associated to the assignments

Throughout the years of study, language can be learned through various platforms. Using computers in learning is becoming more common especially among the university students as well as the lecturers. During the teaching and learning process, lecturers tend to use the technology provided in the lectures hall to assist them with students’ learning. Accessing the information is like a walk in the park with the use of computers as both the students and lecturers are able to acquire any information from the whole wide world.

Writing, speaking and reading are among the skills that English students must master. Some courses require the lecturers to show videos in assisting them through the learning process. Hence, as English Language and Literature students, we are able to listen and acquire new vocabularies as well as correcting our pronunciation through this interesting learning process. Literature courses require us to comprehend the given texts or literary works critically. The literary works must not be examined only on the surface, but what lies beneath the texts will reveal the true meaning of the whole texts. Therefore, being BENL students has prepared us to face the outside world that required us to think critically especially in solving problems at workplace.

Many websites and applications related to learning emerge to facilitate students in acquiring the knowledge as well as communicating with lecturers. In Short Stories and Novels subject, we are introduced with the use of interactive fiction as our assignment. This interactive fiction can be installed in the mobile phone and computer. Through this app, the whole class must think critically in solving the story line of the plot, which has been given to us in order to get the ending of the plot. Since there are various endings and every choices that we made will lead to the butterfly effect, different people will end up with different ending. Hence, critical thinking and clear judgment is essential in solving the plot.

The assignments given consist all stages of CALL. In Behaviourist stage, same drill and pattern is used in solving the plot as the students are required to try and error in answering the questions in the fiction. After using the same drill, the students will manage to remember the exact answer for the question in order to pass to the next level. The nature of the interactive fiction itself shows the Communicative stage that exists through the problem solving process. Students need to engage with the story in solving the problems that prevent them from finishing the plot. Getting online is the next stage in CALL. Through this Integrative stage, when we can no longer solve the plot, we opt to go online and search the database related to the interactive fiction. There, we can read the comments from other players who managed to solve the puzzle. Some of them can be very helpful as they provide tips for a perfect ending of the fiction. Hence, through this stage, new discoveries of ideas are made when people connect with each other.

In short, computers never fail to assist people in learning something new. Therefore, people should not take this technology advancement for granted and they should utilise them very well for their own benefit.


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