CALL throughout our Study Years: a Reflection


Realise it or not, we as students are using CALL constantly in our daily learning process. Starting from Standard 1 until university, CALL has been helping us in this learning and teaching process.

Reflecting back to our foundation years in Nilai and Petaling Jaya, our learning process had incorporated CALL through the various courses taken for the whole years in foundation studies. Then once again, CALL helped us in our education at the university. The use of drill and practice is common in learning the phonetics and sounds of the alphabets. This Behaviourist CALL was used in our Phonetic and Phonology class throughout the semester. We had been practicing to pronounce the phonemes according to their respective sounds. Computers were of great help as they assisted us in listening to the correct sound. Through this assistance, we had been repeating the same sounds until we were able to pronounce them correctly and hence could distinguish the difference between the sounds.

Communicative CALL or easily known as collaboration between the computers and the students is also used during our studies in university. When we were given assignments, we definitely had to search for the resources especially for the literature review part in the assignment. As students, we will surely go to the library and use the computer there to assist us. There, we will surf the Asiatic Journal online and collect the resources needed to finish the assignment. The use of computer for the online journal can be seen as information provider as it provides us with the necessary data. Hence, once again, CALL has been a tremendous help in finishing our studies at university.

Interaction is crucial in learning and teaching process. Integrative CALL is used mostly by the students when they submitted their assignments, research or homework. The students are required to login and submit their assignment to the respective channel. For example, the use of by the lecturers enables the students to submit their works online. They are not only able to submit their works, but they are also able to get a response on the spot from the website for any plagiarised works. Lecturers who use also enable the students to check their grammar online and hence providing fast response on their mistakes. This quick interaction between the students and lecturers have ensure any works given are submitted on time.

In short, CALL has been assisting us in our daily learning process. We have been learning informally and formally for the rest of our life. There are no limitations in learning and life  itself is a learning process. Embrace the journey since there are many new things waiting ahead to be discovered.


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