Comments on Lesson Plan

During our presentation, there were several comments that helped us to improve our lesson plan. Due to the time limit, our classmates had to go to their next class, so only Dr. Rozina and a few classmates were left to comment on our lesson plan and shed some ideas on it. The presentation was quite good and the videos were interesting according to one of the classmates. She thought that the videos would attract the students’ attention easily and were easy to comprehend.

Dr. Rozina commented that we should clarify our learning outcomes. By using words like “know” and “recognise”, we were making an ambiguous assumption because those words were not really practical. We could not actually measure the students’ understanding. So, in this case, those words should be replaced. However, we decided to change our learning outcomes. From “know how to form correct imperative sentences”, we decided to scratch “know how”. Our learning outcome is now “to form correct imperative sentences”.

Next, our group originally made two separate periods where the first period was allocated for the teaching session for 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes or the second period was for evaluation where there would be an activity between the students and the teacher using the computer. However, according to Dr. Rozina, it is better for us to do the activity in the same time of the teaching lesson. This is to make sure that the students won’t feel too burdened by one period only focussing on the lesson alone and another period doing the exercise alone. It is better to combine the two.

Thanks to Dr. Rozina’s comments, we were able to understand our assignment on this lesson plan more compared to when we were working on it. This is actually a lesson for us to consult with our lecturer every time we have assignments because there are so many suggestions and improvements that we can actually acquire from our lecturer. Having heard every comments, we have the chance to correct and improve our lesson plan.



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