Gamification in Education: Minecraft


On 20 October, we had a sharing session on games that could be used for education. This sharing session was delivered by Dr. Rozina’s student who is currently doing his Master in IIUM. We found it so amazing that games could be used in education as for some of us it is a new phenomenon. According to this student, Brother Khairul, games have actually been used in education for quite some time. This is because games are fun and children love things that are fun in nature. Besides that, games enable the player to acquire points and rewards that make us competitive and eager to win.

This kind of method was improved in education level. Rather than playing only for the sake of fun, the children can gain knowledge. Like what Brother Khairul has been doing for his Master, he explained how English vocabularies for beginners can be taught through games such as Minecraft Education edition. He had also demonstrated the mentioned game to us so that we could see how interactive and informative the game was.

Besides that, there are also many research studies that have actually been conducted by several people on gamification in education. A study by Wendy Hsin-Yuan Huang and Dilip Soman (2013, Dec 10),  A Practitioner’s Guide To Gamification is one the studies to find out about the intervention between tasks that requires the completion of it. They found out that the gaming industry has received a lot of users. This shows that more people are attracted to games making it a medium that can serve a better purpose in education.

Now that we have been given inputs on gamification, we realize that education is actually a huge thing. There are many limitless mediums that we can use to convey knowledge and it is our responsibility to generate more ideas.


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