Computer Mediated Communication (CMC): a Reflection


The world has undergone an incredible change over the past decade. Everything has been digitalised to suit the needs of the people. Machine mostly has taken over the world and the advancement of technology has made people to rely more on technology for their everyday life. Communication is made easy with the help of technology. Everything is within the fingertip and the Earth does not stop evolving into a more futuristic world.

Computerised communication had begun with the invention of the Internet. Since then, every living soul on this planet are able to reach one another through this advanced technology. However, this advancement has taken a toll on the users especially the younger generation or known as generation Z. The innovation of instant messaging as well as other social media platform has surely given a significant impact on their language acquisition. Short forms, informal language, colloquialism, abbreviations and many more are the type of language used by these youth. Fast-paced world requires everything to move rapidly and as quickly as possible in order to catch up with other people. People are no longer interested in wasting time replying the messages that they got in a long or a complete sentence. Everything must be simplified for the sake of saving time. ASAP, LOL, BRB, YOLO, TYT, OTW and other cryptic language are used to minimise the time as well as the space for the text. Twitter for example, requires the user to actually shorten the words as simple as possible due to its word limit feature. Hence, through this, people tend to use emoticons and emoji as another solution to typing the words. Besides, these emoticons are also used as a way to ‘informalise’ the conversation. Any command given by the superior will not be treated as a harsh one with the use of emoji and emoticons. Users with more than one language tend to code switch during the conversation. Sometimes, it happens naturally according to the audience or person that they are speaking to. Code switching is not a bad thing as it displays the ability of a person to switch between the languages without stumbling and hence demonstrating the fluency in both languages.

Computer mediated communication (CMC) is not all that bad. They do affect the language used by the youth, but let’s look at the bright side. This technology offers a considerable help in making our life simpler and less hectic. The use of emails, computer conferencing, instant messaging, online bulletin board, blogs, videoconferencing and others help us to be up-to-date with the things that is happening around us as well as around the world. Thus, we are no longer a one man island and the feeds provided are very useful in keeping us as well-informed citizens.

In short, CMC is a part of us nowadays. People are unable to live a day without the help of technology. Although they could, but how far can they go without any help of this advancement to keep them as informative as possible. World has changed to a better future. Thus, we as the citizen should embrace the change for the sake of betterment of our life.


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