Corrected Lesson Plan

ENGL 4740: Computer Applications in Language Studies (Section 1)

Group Name: Love on Language

Group Members: Farah Hani Binti Mohamed Fathil, Maryam Binti Azman, Nur Aizatul Munirah Binti Pauzai

Lesson Plan

Topic of Lesson: Asking and Giving Direction

Language Skill: Grammar

Language Focus: Imperative and Preposition

Level of Students: Beginner (Standard 3)

Number of Students: 30 Students

Time: 2 periods (30 minutes each period)

General Objective:

  1. To expose the students to imperative and preposition.

Learning outcomes:

Learners will be able to:

  1. Form correct imperative sentences.
  2. Match the produced imperative with its correct meaning.
  3. Use proper preposition in sentences.
  4. Give proper directions.

Teaching aids:

  1. Computer
  2. Projector
  3. Screen
  4. Whiteboard
  5. Marker pen (black, blue and red)
  6. YouTube videos:
    1. Video 1:
    2. Video 2:
  7. Diagram 1: a diagram containing symbols on basic verbs and prepositions in giving direction (refer Appendix)
  8. Online exercises:
    1. Exercise 1:
    2. Exercise 2:









Greet the students and review the previous lesson (preposition) Recap the lesson learned from the previous class To refresh the memory on preposition

5 minutes


Brief the topic for today Listen to the briefing To introduce the topic

2 minutes


Pair the students Be in pair Pairing for exercises done later because small number can make it easier to learn

2 minutes


Setup and show Video 1 Watch the video through the screen To grab the attention of students through this short interesting video

3 minutes


Project Diagram 1 on the screen and teach the students the function of each of the verbs and prepositions by relating them with the places in the school.

E.g.: At the school gate, you meet a new pupil and s/he asks, “Where is the canteen?” You would say, “Go past the field and turn right.”

Learn and listen to the lesson To expose the students to the use of imperative hence they can construct correct sentence

15 minutes


Recap the lesson taught Ask questions if they do not understand To see the comprehension of the students

3 minutes


Ask the students to open the specific websites to do Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 Open the websites and wait for the next instruction To grab students’ interest in doing exercise

2 minutes


Instruct the students to do the online exercise Do the exercise Online exercise makes it more interactive and fun for the students

15 minutes


Discuss the answer with the students Ask any questions related to the exercise The exercise provides as an evaluation on students’ understanding on the use of imperative

10 minutes


Conclude the lesson with Video 2 Sing along with the video Song helps in students’ memorisation better as it involves repetition of words and the use of three senses (sight, hearing, speaking)

3 minutes


The students are evaluated through the online exercise given during the second period. Students with most correct answers display a high understanding on the lesson and hence, they can construct proper direction.

Teacher’s reflection:

At the end of the day:

  1. It can be seen that call is very helpful in both the teaching and learning processes.
  2. Activities make it easier and more fun for learners to comprehend and utilise the correct imperatives.
  3. The use of the senses helps greatly in improving learners’ understanding.
  4. Repetition of words in the song helps in better memorisation.




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