Writing a Blog: a Pleasant Experience


Gaining and spreading knowledge do not necessarily have to be through the traditional medium. The world has evolved and everyone is connected to one another through the Internet. The Internet has become a crucial part of our life as it helps us in staying up-to-date with the current situation. Hence, through this advancement of technology, the spreading of knowledge can be done literally at the finger tip.

When we first entered this ENGL 4740 class, we were required to create a blog and fill it with the updates on the lessons that we have gained throughout the classes. At first, creating a blog seemed easy to us, but later when we were required to change the layout, the setting and the best menu for easier access to the audience, it can be quite a challenge. We believe that we are tech-savvy and operating social media is like a walk in the park. However, it was the other way around when using a blog. We were not so familiar with keeping a blog. Many tutorial videos and websites were visited and after burning some midnight oils, we are finally at the right pace we are supposed to be. Through the days, starting from the early semester until today, we are still learning on how to use this technology and it is quite a pleasant experience.

Blog is a perfect medium to express our thoughts and opinions on the lesson that we have learnt. Anyone can access it and it is easy to spread the knowledge that we learn before to the mass. Expressing ideas and thoughts can be very challenging especially when we are in public. People might come at us and question us on our opinions and it can be hard to explain on the spot. Through this medium, we are free to express ourselves and we will be more conscious on what we are writing. Although there will be questions posted on the post, we will not become anxious when answering as this is not a synchronous online platform. There will be time for us to think and answer the question correctly. Even though we did not receive many viewers yet, we believe that we are one step closer to approach the mass.

Besides being the best medium in spreading the idea and lesson, blog can be a place for us, BENL students, to practice and polish our writing skills. Everything that we write must be grammatically correct or else people will question our integrity as English majors. Although there might be some mistakes along the way, we are actually learning and improving our writing skills. Everything that happen around us is a hands-on experience. Life is a wheel, there will be up and down, but one thing for sure, always look and move forward, not backward. Through this, there will be success awaiting those who never give up. Learning is a golden opportunity that not everyone has. Hence, utilise everything that the world has to offer in order to gain and spread the knowledge learned throughout the years of study.

In conclusion, we are grateful to Dr. Rozina for entrusting us in creating this amazing learning medium as part of our course assessment. There is a lot of things that we have learned through this social media and hence helping us to grow to become more critical thinkers. Technology is an amazing advancement the world can offer. Hence, as students, we should utilise it to the fullest in helping us to further stay connected and spreading the good things that we have learnt to the public no matter how small it is.


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